Dj Bacon
A music and video DJ from Latvia.
Listen and enjoy various mixed music and have a great party!
Latest mixes
Latviešu Tusiņš
Miksēta latviešu deju mūzika
Visi "Latviešu Tusiņš" miksi
Latviešu Deju Megamix
Miksēta latviešu deju mūzika un šlāgeris
Visi "Latviešu Deju Megamikss" miksi
Ballīte ar Dj Bacon
Latviešu mūzikas ballītes
Visas Ballītes
Two or more songs mash-mixed together.
More Mashups
Happy Dance series
Non-stop mixed positive and uplifting music.
More Happy Dance mixes
Brother Louis Favorites series
Non-stop mixed party of Louis's favorite tracks.
More Brother Louis Favorites mixes
Party Mix series
Non-stop mixed party music.
More Party mixes
Weekly Impressions series
Experimental series where I mix whatever songs I like at the moment.
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Dreilini Mix series
Non-stop party mix where songs are chosen by my friends from Dreilini hood in Riga, Latvia.
More Dreilini Mix mixes
Kareli Dance series
Mixes that were made specially for parties in my country-side house.
More Kareli Dance mixes
Slow hits
Slower pase music mixes
More mixes with slow music
Workout Mixes
Mixes for various workouts
More workout mixes
Party mix of best songs of the year
More yearmixes
Background Mix
Long mixes for playing in background.
More background mixes
Līgo miksi
Miksēta mūzika nepārtrauktai Līgo ballei.
Visi Līgo miksi
EHR Latviešu Deju Mūzikas mikss
Miksēta latviešu deju mūzika EHR "Deju Grīdai".
Visi EHR miksi
Christmas mixes
Nonstop mixed Christmas music.
More Christmas mixes
Latviešu miksi
Miksēta latviešu mūzika nepārtrauktai ballītei.
Visi latviešu miksi