DJ name: Dj Bacon
Real Name: Rūdolfs Caune
Born in: Latvia, Riga
Likes: Outdoors (walking, cycling, relaxing), Video games (Xbox/PC), Music, Movies, Boardgames and just having good time with friends.


Once upon a time lived a boy who very much enjoyed playing with cassettes. He recorded songs from radio and played back. One day he heard something fantastic. It was like song but consisted of other songs. That is when he realized he wanted to make such a "songs" himself. He took his double cassette deck and started making sonething that sounded like that "song".

As you already realized that boy was me. Later i got cassette where i found another "song" called Max Mix 5. Then i realized that such "songs" are called mixes. By the way i still haven't found that first mix i heard back then.

After several years (end of year 1998) our family got our first computer. This is when real mixing started. Back then i used Wave Studio. After few years a friend gave me SoundForge. That was the best software at that time.

Oh, yeah. I'm a fun guy, but i can be serious when needed.

More recient "history" can be found in my Blog section.


When I started mixing (somewhere in year 1998), I used Sound Recorder on Windows 98. It was so bad for mixing, but there was no way for me to get better software at that time.

Then one day a friend gave me Wave Studio. It was breath of fresh air comparing to Sound Recorder. :D I used it for couple of years.

Then I got Sound Forge. That was something incredible. I could express myelf like never before. The only downside was that although mixing was easy, making workout mixes was annoying, because they were simple and it took way too long to make one with all BPM matching etc.

In year 2011 I found MixMeister. That was answer to my workout mix problem. It was perfect. I could make workout mixes very fast and easy. By the end of year 2011 I realized that I could make all my mixes using MixMeister. So starting year 2012 I made my first mixes using MixMeister.

Although Mixmeister is great, later years I realized it is very limiting to what I want to do. So I began searching for better mixing software. Now it's year 2020 and I found Adobe Audition. I'm testing it and so far it is quite good. It is gonna take a while to learn enough to be able to completely move to Audition, but that is the plan. A price is also holding me back.

P.S. Some mixes (like Mini Dance 5 and Mini Dance 6) are entirely made using ModPLug Tracker and some elements of mixes (intros, manupilations with vocals etc) are made in FL Studio (Fruitty Loops back then). I even made one mix (eJay Aerobic Nonstop 2002) on eJay.

Hey! Glad you made it this far. :) So before all of that I made Cassette Mix 1 (if you can call it a mix) using Sharp double cassette deck. It was around year 1995 if I remember correctly. It was my first attempt of mixing. I sill have it in my archive to remind me of how I started this whole mixing thing. So tehnically I started mixing in year 1995, but actual acceptable mixes are starting year 1998.