Real Name: Rūdolfs Caune
Born: 1979 (Latvia)


Once upon a time lived a boy who very much enjoyed playing with cassettes. He recorded songs from radio and played back. One day he heard something fantastic. It was like song but consisted of other songs. That is when he realized he wanted to make such a "songs" himself. He took his double cassette deck and started making sonething that sounded like that "song".

As you already realized that boy was me. Later i got cassette where i found another "song" called Max Mix 5. Then i realized that such "songs" are called mixes. By the way i still haven't found that first mix i heard back then.

After several years (end of year 1998) our family got our first computer. This is when real mixing started. Back then i used Wave Studio. After few years a friend gave me SoundForge. That was the best software at that time.

Oh, yeah. I'm a fun guy, but i can be serious when needed.