Workout mixes on YouTube

I created a YouTube Channel "Workouts Heaven" where I will publish all my workout mixes.

I have no idea how many of them will go online without being blocked, but I will upload all of them soon.


All mixes in LBRY

I'm going to put most of my mixes on

Slowly one by one I am going to upload my mixes. It is good that I can set release date, so all my mixes will be sorted chronologically.

Subscribe to Dj Bacon @ LBRY and you will be able to listen to most of my mixes. Even those that youtube blocked.


Website design update

Hello my friends!

I just updated design of my website. Again? Yes :) because I want it to look good. I'm still learning web design so bear with me.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome at any social network listen in my profile.


Simple version of my website


I created simplified version of my website so it is easier to navigate and find mixes you are looking for.

Unfortunately user profiles are disabled and downloads as well. However there are links to sites where you can listen mix you're interested to. I will add links to all available mixes in next days.

Stay safe!


Moving files to LBRY


I found a good alternative to youtube/file share where i can pot all my audio and video mixes for you to watch/listen/download. It is called LBRY. I have uploaded a few audio and video mixes and everything looks ok.

Slowly one by one I will move all files there so it will be faster load times and always online (even when is offline)


Latviešu Deju Megamikss 13 (2020)

Sveiki draugi un fani! :)

Jau labu laiciņu atpakaļ esmu iesācis taisīt Latviešu Deju Megamikss 13 ar dziesmām, kas ir sākot no 90tajiem līdz pat 2020. gada jaunumiem. Mikss ir nedaudz virs divām stundām garš, kas ir netradicionāli šai miksu sērijai.

Plāns ir miksu drīz pabeigt, lai uz Līgo būtu kautkas jauns dejojams.

Mans kolēģis Mart Inc. arī veido latviešu miksu tā, ka jums būs vismaz divi jauni latviešu miksi pie kā dejot :)


Christmas Update 2019

Hello my friends and fans. This is just a little update to let you know that I'm still here :)

Still don't have much of a mixing mood, but i have plans to finally start mixing Brother Louis Favorites 2016 and Dreilini Mix 2019. My friend Louis has already sent me song list for Brother Louis Farvorites 2016 mix and another friend Dmitry has collected all songs for Dreilini Mix 2019, so I'm good to go. Just need that spare time and mixing mojo. :D :D

Christmas Party 2019? Hmm. I have been thinking about it and i think i have enough songs for it, but again - time and mixing mojo is missing.

For now here is Christmas Mix List for you to enjoy.

Merry Christmas to all of you.


Sign in problem fixed (hopefully)

Today I finally found reason why many of you couldn't sign in. I fixed it and hopefully it works for you now.

Also i added a couple of additional notifications when creating new account, requesting new password and signing in.

I also added LogRocket script to my website so i can see how you guys browse my website and what is not working that i cannot see by browsing it myself. Hopefully with this i will be able to make better browsing and listening experience for you guys. :) P.S. I cannot see your passwords in case anyone is worried about that.


Latviešu 90to gadu deju megamikss

This is for my Latvian fans

Palēnām vācu latviešu deju mūziku no 90tajiem (kasetēm un diskiem) un plāns ir uztaisīt Latviešu Deju Megamikss 13 tieši no šīs mūzikas. Tā kā pašam ļoti šī mūzika patīk tad izdomāju to apkopot miksā. Vēl visas dziesmas, ko vēlējos, nav savāktas tāpēc mikss vēl netiek taisīts. Tiklīdz būšu savācis visu nepieciešamo, tad sākšu miksēties :)


Login problems!

Hello, my friends! Just letting you know that I'm aware that some accounts are having login problems. I will fix those, but I don't know when that will be.

As most of you know, I'm maintaining this website in my free time and lately i don't have it that much.

If you need something from website, you are always welcome to write me. :)