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Abonē manu YouTube kanālu!
Abonē manu youtube kanālu, lai saņemtu paziņojumu tiklīdz sāksies nākamā Latviskā ballīte.
Garākā straume
Vakar bija garākā straumēšana, ko pagaidām esmu nospēlējis. Gandrīz 6 stundas. Nice :) Latviska ballīte 16.10.2020
Vēl viens aerobikas mikss
Jau sen gribēju beigt taisīt aerobikas miksus, bet tomēr mani pielauza vēl vienu uztaisīt.
Website design update

Hello my friends!

I just updated design of my website. Again? Yes :) because I want it to look good. I'm still learning web design so bear with me.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome at any social network listen in my profile.

Mashup teasers at my Instagram
If you want to hear mashup/mix teasers before they are released or mashup experiments, follow me on Instagram @djbacons. I post them in my story.
Mashup ideas welcomed


I'm looking for ideas for new mashups. Can you help? :)

Here is a form if you have ideas for new mashups.

Twitter account

I created twitter account (again? I know :D ) and this time I decided to stick with it.

Facebook is awfull for posting news on page so I will use twitter. If i can i will link those accounts so that twitter posts go here as well.

Mix experiments published

Here is a treat for my fans. A channel where I'm posting my unfinished mixes and experiments with music.

Neliels bonuss maniem faniem. Kanāls, kurā lieku savus nepabeigtos miksus un eksperimentus ar mūziku.

Next in line of order

Sooooo, the next in line of order is Brother Louis Favorites 2016. This mix was planned a loooooong time ago and I managed to make only a first draft of mix. I think i will do same vocal experiments as in Latviešu Deju Megamikss 13.

Latviešu Tusiņš 2020
Skatoties cik ļoti jums patīk Latviešu Tusiņš 2019, šovakar uznāca spontāna vēlme uzmiksēt vēlvienu šādu miksu. Tad nu paņēmu jaunās (un dažas vecākas) dziesmas dejas ritmos un uztaisīju nonstop miksu "Latviešu Tusiņš 2020".
Twitter account
I have been deleting and creating twitter account a couple of times because I wasn't sure if I actually need it. This time I think I'm gonna stick with it and post whatever I want. Might even be nothing related to music. @djbacons
Simple version of my website


I created simplified version of my website so it is easier to navigate and find mixes you are looking for.

Unfortunately user profiles are disabled and downloads as well. However there are links to sites where you can listen mix you're interested to. I will add links to all available mixes in next days.

Stay safe!