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Got Virus!

I've got virus/spyware in my computer what i couldn not succesfuly remove, so i had to reinstall whole system ant that is why past 2 days site was offline. Sorry folks for inconvinience.

New mix from Dj Bacon with Radio NSM

Starting new mix series called "Positive Hitmix". These mixes will be mixed by Dj Bacon & Radio NSM. in these mixes you will hear songs from Radio NSM Playlist. Length of mixes usualy will be up to 30 minutes.

First mix will be out soon, so listen Radio NSM to be first to hear it, because this mix will appear in Dj Bacon homepage only after first time its played on Radio NSM.

Most of download links down :(

As i suspected is down and from what i've heard its going to be till the end of this year :(

So most of web download links will be down as well. Sorry for trouble this may cause you.

If you have web server you you willing to help me by hosting some of my mixes, please let me know to [email protected] or by commenting this post. Thanx.

Happy Ligo!
For thos who celebrate Ligo. Happy Ligo :)
Get more GC

Just wanted to remind you that if you comment mix you paid for, you get your GC back.

My vacation
Aaaand at last my vacation is very close. The first vacation week will be from june 25. till july 01. So i will not be available that period.
Hello friends/Fans!

The page is opened for public viewing. I have added most of info about mixes, but there is still lot of work to do. I tested MIXES section and so far all available functions work. If there is some problems please let me know by sending email to [email protected]

Ill make some form to submit errors soon.

Enjoy :)

Happy Dance 5 on radio "Digitally Imported"

The radio station Digitally Imported accepted my Happy Dance 5 and now its on Eurodance playlist.

The DI forum post is here.

Download section almost complete!

The download system is almost ready. Testing now. For now seems to be having problem with torrent and ftp link update. But hopefully ill fix it soon. http and ed2k link update works fine.

Site News!
Soon MIXES section will be finished and this site will be given public access. untul then im working :)
Some new mixes

After some time of silence, I'll make some new mixes again. Most like those will be Aerobic mixes and other mixes that are not finished yet. Fore example, HSDj Slow Hits vol.2. It already has 44 minutes. It supposedly will be approximetly 60 minutes long, like HSDj Slow Hits vol.1.

Aerobic mixes also will be available for listening online. So hope you enjoy the new version.

There is still a LOT of work to do, but slowly i hope ill make this one as complete as possible. I have lots of ideas, just need time.