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For those who listen mixes on CD
From this momen on all new mixes (below 81 minutes length) will have additional zip file download, witch contains split mp3 songs and CD burner program. Extract zip file contents, insert blank CD, Run MakeCD.exe and in few minutes you have full CD with split songs and nonstop music. This feature will be available for SuperUser 3 and higher.
We moved to another server.

Today i moved my website to another server. Now this should be moer stable and faster. If you see any bugs or problems now, please report them in comments.

P.S.For those who waits for requested files i can tell that soon they will be added. I just had no time for that.

Dj Bacon Live @

If you are interested below are links to my live show at There are twho mp3 files, each hour long: 2010-04-07 13:00 - 14:00 and 2010-04-07 14:00 - 15:00.

Unreleased Dj Bacon mixes

If you wanna hear Dj Bacon mixes that are not released, completed yet or otherwise unavailable in Dj Bacon's website, listen to cause sometimes i put them on playlist.

Get GC by sending SMS

Now you can get GC by sending SMS. It is available in many countries. More info see here. You must be logged in to see correct SMS code.

Since SMS service is like donation to me, after 5th SMS you will be upgraded to SuperUser 3 in case you have lower SuperUser level at that moment.

Merry Christmas
Looks like i'm gonna be back on December 26th, so then i will be able to add links for downloading and listening for mixes some of you requested. Anyway, i want to wish you all Merry Christmas and thank you for visiting my page and listening my mixes :)
Will be away from 12.dec.2009

On December 12th i have to go to my country-side, but i do not know when i will be back. i know it will be after Christmas, but exact date i do no t know.

Dance Yearmix 2009

Few days ago i started mixing Yearmix 2009, so far its 35 minutes long, but there is problem. I have to go to country-side this saturday and i will be back only after Christmas so i have doubts that i might not finish this mix before New Year.

Too lazy to comment?

Soon there will be function for internetaional users to get more GC by sending SMS.

Happy Dance 6 started

i can officially announce that Happy Dance 6 is started. There are enough songs and other work i had to do is done at the moment (don't know for how long), so i have time to mix :)

A little delay for adding listen and download links / Nedaudz aizkavēsies miksu pievienošana

There will be delay for 24 hours or maybe more for adding new download and listen links, cause HQ video mixes ar being sent to server. And that takes long time.

Uz diennakti vai vairāk aizkavēeies jaunu klausamo un ieladejamo miksu pievienosana jo paslaik tiek pievienoti HQ video miksi un tie iet ilgi.

Old mixes soon will be available / Vecie miksi drīz būs pieejami

At last i brought old mix archive from my country-side. So, very soon i will add my old mixes, so you can listen. They are terrible, but some of you requested them. Well, very soon you will be able to listen to them ;)

Beidzot no laukiem atvedu veco miksu arhīvu. Tagad pa brīvajiem laikiem pievienošu miksus, lai var paklausīties. Drausmīgi jau viņi ir, bet vairāki no jums pieteikušies, ka grib noklausīties. Nu tad drīz varēsiet.