Dance Video Yearmix 2007 comming....

Last week i started making new Video Yearmix 2007. Hopefully i will finish it this year. Not like previous years :)


Upcomming changes

I know page looks crapy sofar, but i stopped to develop this page because there is comming new one. i know another new one. But this time its going to be cool style and totaly new and modern engine and user friendly (all user) :). So basicly i will make it as understandable as possible learning from all your questions and suggestions.

unfortunately this is huge work to develop whole new page, so this is going to take a while. Meanwhile use existing one. Visualy its crapy, but its workiing fine.


Good news :)

Thanx to one great person who donated very large amount of webspace, i think i can put all my mixes online for web download and listenintg. So now when ever ai have time ill convert and upload mixes, so now you be able to listen and get older mixes too.


Last part of vacation!

Next week ill be on vacation. This will be my last week this year. Hope the weather will be ok, cause now it realy sucks.


Site Update!

Yesterday i added posibility to rate mixes. So from now on registered users may rate every mix and for rating a mix you get 0.7 GC.


Got Virus!

I've got virus/spyware in my computer what i couldn not succesfuly remove, so i had to reinstall whole system ant that is why past 2 days site was offline. Sorry folks for inconvinience.


New mix from Dj Bacon with Radio NSM

Starting new mix series called "Positive Hitmix". These mixes will be mixed by Dj Bacon & Radio NSM. in these mixes you will hear songs from Radio NSM Playlist. Length of mixes usualy will be up to 30 minutes.

First mix will be out soon, so listen Radio NSM to be first to hear it, because this mix will appear in Dj Bacon homepage only after first time its played on Radio NSM.


Most of download links down :(

As i suspected is down and from what i've heard its going to be till the end of this year :(

So most of web download links will be down as well. Sorry for trouble this may cause you.

If you have web server you you willing to help me by hosting some of my mixes, please let me know to [email protected] or by commenting this post. Thanx.


Happy Ligo!

For thos who celebrate Ligo. Happy Ligo :)

Get more GC

Just wanted to remind you that if you comment mix you paid for, you get your GC back.