Problems with webplayer

Just wanted to let you know than im aware of webplayer problems. When playing it stops after few minutes. Im on it and will fix it as soon as possible.


Christmas news

I have to start with not so good news. I wanted to make surprise mix for all of you - Christmas 2008, but unfortunately i failed to finish it :( just like video version for Yearmix 2008.

Anyway, i want to wish you Merry X-Mas and Happy new year. Let the music help get you throught sad times :)


At last my own web address

Finaly i got my own web address. So from now on please use to come to this page, cause other addresses might not work.


Video Dance Yearmix 2008

it looks like i will not make video version for this mix this year, so i added download link for audio version. So all users with SuperUser status can download audio version.


Webpage update

So i had some free time and i added listening links to few mixes, such as:

  • few christmas mixes
  • few long nonstops
  • rest of remixes (what i still have, rest of them i dont have so no listening link)


Server problems

As you might noticed, last few days my webpage was offline several times. The reason for that is problems with database. Yesterday i fixed some of them, but unfortunately today i got some more, so after work ill get to it and fix it.


File downloads sections finaly finished

Today i had time and i just sit down and finished downloads section. So from now on everyone with SuperUser status can download files. If no files available for mix, you can request download.


Dance Yearmix 2008

Just wanted to say that i started gathering together all tracks i will be mixing into Dance Yearmix 2008.

Further progress will be written in comments under this post.


Vote for me in DjTOP (only for residents of Latvia)

If you like my mixes please vote for me

This works only within teritory of Latvia.


About SuperUser status

Right after i opened this new website, i gave SuperUser status to all who donated to this page and to those whom i promised personaly. For now i will not give this status to anyone cause i dont have download links entered into system, so there is no much of point of this status at the moment. As soon as i have time ill enter all download links and them i will announce it here. For now you can listen and commant/rate mixes.