Will be away from 12.dec.2009

On December 12th i have to go to my country-side, but i do not know when i will be back. i know it will be after Christmas, but exact date i do no t know.


Dance Yearmix 2009

Few days ago i started mixing Yearmix 2009, so far its 35 minutes long, but there is problem. I have to go to country-side this saturday and i will be back only after Christmas so i have doubts that i might not finish this mix before New Year.


Too lazy to comment?

Soon there will be function for internetaional users to get more GC by sending SMS.


Happy Dance 6 started

i can officially announce that Happy Dance 6 is started. There are enough songs and other work i had to do is done at the moment (don't know for how long), so i have time to mix :)


A little delay for adding listen and download links

There will be delay for 24 hours or maybe more for adding new download and listen links, cause HQ video mixes ar being sent to server. And that takes long time.


Old mixes soon will be available

At last i brought old mix archive from my country-side. So, very soon i will add my old mixes, so you can listen. They are terrible, but some of you requested them. Well, very soon you will be able to listen to them ;)


Happy Ligo

For those who celebrate Ligoi wish happy Ligo. Have a great celebration, dances, beer and girls :)


How did you find out about Dj Bacon?

I am very intersed how did you find me? So please go to post How did you find out about Dj Bacon? and please write how did you find out about me. Thank You


For those, who used function

Just want to let you know, that most mixes below vx 140 and all sr series mixes i cannot add to download and listen, because mix archive is at my country-side. I will go there on june 23th, so after that i will add more older mixes for listening and downloading.

unfortunately, there still are some mixes that are lost, therefore cannot be added to listen and download. Mostly they are old remixes.


Ligo Dance 5 ready

For those who listen latvian music and celebrate Ligo, this mix will do just fine :)

Next mixes i must finish are "Mix 4 JanisM" and "Mix 4 Sergejs". And then i think i should finally make Happy Dance 6. Also i will finally finish HSDj Slow hits 3 and NSM Grandmix vol.4. Both are 30 and 40 minutes long, so more than half is already done.