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Dj Bacon
2015-Aug-13 00:00
Comments on "Brother Louis Favorites 2014"
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2015-Aug-13 19:03
Wauw , very nice work my friend :-)
Dj Bacon
2015-Aug-13 21:38
@louis Thank you :)
2015-Aug-14 00:43
Brother Louis thx
2015-Aug-17 11:17
2015-Aug-18 05:43
Cool !!!.Perfect !!!
2015-Aug-18 15:38
Thank You
2015-Aug-21 21:17
Labs. dziesmu salikums.
Dj Bacon
2015-Aug-22 09:34
@egoshi36 paldies. pašas dziesmas izvÄ“lÄ“jās Louis.
2015-Oct-12 11:52
He must be very lucky. I've been a loyal fan of your mixes over 7 years. I think i deserve a very special mixes from you with songs that i choose too. ( Don't bother, i just feel envy. :) )
Dj Bacon
2015-Oct-12 12:20
@kolpaci: I know you are loyal fan. I finally recreating new webpage and there will be something for fans like you :) I'm very thankfull for fans like you and sometimes i forget to express it enough. Anyway, soon new webpage will be available and also new possibilities for loyal fans to get something perssonal from me (for example a personal mix like this). Not gonna say more, cause it's not ready yet and something might change, but know that i'm thinking how to reward my loyal fans :)
2015-Oct-12 12:49
@Dj Bacon, i'm happy to hear that. Actually you're already rewarding us whenever you make a new mix. I'm glad that i found you in Google many years ago. Thank you so much for sharing your music taste with anyone who have similar taste like me in years.
Dj Bacon
2015-Oct-12 13:10
@kolpaci: Thank you :) I posted new entry in news section so you are welcome to post your ideas of bonuses in news section.