Update 06.Feb.2018
Dj Bacon

Around Christmas time year 2016 i had serious health problems and i was admited to hospital. I was there for a few weeks. After a while i realized that i don't have inspiration and will to make mixes anymore.

After several months i forced myself to finish two mixes (Dreilini Mix 2016 and Brother Louis Favorites 2015) i have been started mixing and left unfinished. After i finished those two i went kinda quite. Made a few workout mixes and that's it.

By the end of year 2017 domain was about to expire and i decided to let it expire and finish with mixing completely. However, when i got notification that my domain was expiring, i decided not to end my Djing. So i renewed my domain and after a while decided to update my webpage again.

I recreated mix section. Now search function is more advanced, more convinient and much better. I removed Party section, because it was not very popular and apparently not needed.

As for my mixing. I'm still mixing only workout mixes for couple of close friends that beg me not to stop. Also i have started two new mixes that i'm not sure i will finish, because i'm still having problems with my mixing mojo (as my friend calls it) :). Will see how it goes, but i don't want to stop mixing.

Anyway, thank you for reading so far :) and let's hope i get my mixing mojo back sooner than later.