Forum in test mode

Finaly i made simple forum so you can post whatever is on your mind. For each post (and reply) you get 0.5 GC.

Forum is running in test mode to see if everything is working fine.


I am on twitter

A while ago I registered in Now time in time I post some messages. If you are interested, you are welcome to follow. Only i post messages in latvian, but you can use Google Translate to translate to your desired language.

My Twitter


Mixes currently in progress

At the moment I'm working on two mixes that my friends asked me to make. One is "Mix 4 JanisM" with lots of tracks from 80s and 90s and second mix is "Mix 4 Sergejs" mostly with russian hiphop/rap.

At this moment "Mix 4 JanisM" is approx. 40 minutes long, but its barely a half it what is going to be. "Mix 4 Sergejs" is 20 minutes long and it looks liks it is approx half of wha it is going to be.


About Ligo Dance

Hopefully this year i will manage to make it. :)


New page (again) :)

I put up new page and hopefully it will be for long time.

Mix sections has normal search function which also searches within tracklists. I also added Tags for each mix, so its easier to find mixes of same type.

At last there is profile sections. Personal and public. All profile information is editable.

Suggestions are welcomed righ there in comments. Also if you have any trouble, just post it in comments.


Hate to brind those bad news all the time :(

Reciently i've been notifiend, that server where amy download and listen files are located is closing. So i need to move all files to new server. Since i have no that much time, it goes very slowly. So its possible that there will be time when no files will be downloadable and listenable. Hope it will not get to that.

Will try to mo those files as soon as possible. Lots of those files are already moved, but i still need to change each mix record to new download and listen location.


Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all of you :)


RSS Feed (for those who know what is that)

I added RSS Feed for Newest Mixes. So now you can see whenever new mix is added without visiting this page. Look for RSS icon in your browser.


Another NotSoGood news

Since i have money problems, i must do other stuff, so i dont have tim for mixing anymore. So don't expect any new mixes from me in near future :(. There always are YouNeverKnow factor, but dont get your hopes up.

I had planned releasing Happy Dance 6, HSDj Slow Hits 3 and NSM Grandmix vol.4, but it all stopped :(

Also SuperUser downloads are still not fully working, so only listening is available. :(

Sorry boys 'n girls, but I'm doing my best.


Interview with Dj Bacon

Today i got interviewed by owner of latvian music portal The interview can be found here (it's in latvian)